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The 1972 Beetle GSR: one of the rarest VW's cars

09/13/2016 14:22:37
The 1972 Beetle GSR: one of the rarest VW's cars
The 2013 Beetle GSR launched by Volkswagen is a great car, but wasn't the first of its kind, and here's a GSR from the first 1972's generation

Many of you have already known while seeing the 2013 Beetle GSR launched by Volkswagen, that it wasn't the first of its kind. For the first time GSR was introduced to the world in 1972 on a limited-edition variant of the 1303 S developed at the request of speed aficionados. The GSR acronym stands for gelb schwarzer renner, which means yellow black racer in German. The sporty look was complemented by a set of 15-inch steel wheels that were noticeably wider than stock. It is a simple vehicle with four pistons, eight valves, and a carburetor, but still can capture your eyes for hours.



Thanks to the curved windshield the car feels more spacious then it actually is, of course the seating position isn't sporty at all, the GSR-specific sport seats strike and ideal balance between comfort and firmness, while providing the support that's lacking in a standard Super Beetle. Fully stock the GSR hits 60 MPH from a stop in approximately 18 seconds. The model has a four-speed transmission with long gears, and is relaxing to drive. It's quite clear that is has a decent amount of potential in the performance department. The floor-hinged clutch pedal is light, and the combination of front discs and rear drums is adequate considering the GSR tips the scale at less than 2,000 pounds. The steering may not be a great example of precision due to its light front end, but it nicely weighted and it offers plenty of feedback.



The GSR isn't a Beetle GTI, it's a precurosr to the original Golf/Rabbit GTI, and represents Volkswagen's first step towards transforming an economy car into a street-legal model that's faster, more dynamic to driver, with a muscular look to boot. Most of them were modified for racing, only 100 examples are left today, which makes it one of the rarest Beetles ever.



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